Apply for the AAUW Career Development Grants Awards 2019/2020

Apply for the AAUW Career Development Grants Awards 2019/2020: Applications are mentioned from contender to apply for the AAUW Career Development Grants Awards 2019/2020. The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is the main voice in the country's value and instruction for ladies and young ladies. The AAUW was established in 1881 and its individuals have taken situations on the crucial issues of the day. These basic issues are instructive, social, monetary and political. The AAUW's strategic to propel sexual orientation value for ladies and young ladies through research, training, and backing. The Career Development Grants expects to make subsidizing accessible to ladies who had a four year certification and are planning to progress or change vocations or reemerge the workforce.
Grant Sponsor(s): The American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Grant Type: Full Scholarship
Grant level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Grant Worth: $2,000 – $12,000.
Subject Eligibility: Technical or Professional Courses
Nation/Candidate Eligibility: Scholarship is for understudies inhabitant in the United States
English Language Requirement: Note expressed
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Application Eligibility and Selection Criteria
The candidate must be ladies seeking after a declaration or degree to propel their professions, change vocations, or return the workforce.
The candidate more likely than not got her four year college education in any event five years before the honor time frame.
Candidate must not hold an earned (not privileged) graduate or expert degree
Candidates are selected or intended to take on courses/exercises that are required for expert work or headway and 
Plan to select or are taken a crack at one of the accompanying:
Unhitched male's or partner degree program that is not quite the same as the field of investigation of the recently earned lone wolves degree
Graduate degree program
Affirmation program
Specialized school
Proficient degree (for example law or prescription)
Application Procedure for the AAUW Career Development Grants Awards 2019/2020
  • Applicants are to start the application process by accessing the official scholarship link and create an online account. Applicants are to complete all the required components in the following fields.
    1. Eligibility: Applicants must pass the eligibility quiz to be reviewed by the selection panel.
    2. Applicant
    3. Recommendation: Applicant’s recommendation must be submitted by a college counselor or adviser, an instructor, or a work supervisor who knows the applicant well.
    4. Academics
    5. C.V./ Resume
    6. Narratives
    7. Budget
Application deadline: 1st December, 2019


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